Wrong-Ler [ Aka Wallace Rosini ] was a member of the short-lived Sin City Survivors group consisting of Cycle-Ler, Gamble-Ler, and Greed.

He was infected by a patron of his in the red light district. Stealing the now infected man's car, he tried to get closer to the source of it all, Thneedville, in search of a cure.

On his travels, he would be a black widow of sorts, worming his way into camps and stealing provisions in the dead of night, getting away in his vehicle. He decidedly settled down in an abandoned mall which he blockaded himself on the second floor of, the only way in and out being a pole.

The Sin City Survivors ran into him at said mall and needless to say he fell hard and fast for Gamble-Ler one night while listening to a casette of Frank Sinatra in the car. He wanted to make it to Thneedville with this group and this group alone.

Wally died before they could make it to town.

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