...So I did what any fucker would do with a trashed car. I lit it on fire and watched it explode.

Blog: survivialswag


Age: 27

Gender: Male

Status: Alive (Immune)


Swag spent much of the epidemics rise in denial, hiding in his factory with his mom and brothers in an attempt to achieve normalcy inside his walls with the hope that the world outside would soon fix itself. In an undisclosed event, he discovered that he could be bitten by zombies without showing any signs of infection. It has been implied that at some point he had to put down his mother because she became infected.

Forced to leave his factory at the height of his success, his first instinct was to seek out the source of the Truffula Flu epidemic with his best friend, One-ler. He managed to find Entre, a former acquaintance at the time, and decided his best shot at survival was to form a camp with the person who knew the most about the Flu. 

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Swag shortly after Prismas death.

Personality Edit

Swag is a loudmouthed and charismatic Onceler who uses his immunity to have fun in the apocalypse. He prides himself on his bravery and the fact that everybody loves him. Or at least he thinks they do. He is loyal to his friends and has shown that he genuinely cares and will do anything he can to help whether it’s to save the world or make someone smile. This includes taking bites for others, working with Audrey to try to find a cure, setting off fireworks to cheer up children, going out of his way to retrieve camp members who have wandered off, and volunteering to go on dangerous supply runs. He however is very reckless, short tempered, vulgar, hard headed, and rarely thinks about the results of his actions and if they will put others in danger until it’s too late.

More recently he has had a loss of hope after the death of his dear friend Prisma. He now appears to be more aware of his own possible mortality and the mortality of those around him. No longer as reckless or lighthearted, he now clings desperately to the only hope he can manage to find anymore.


chronological list of summaries of events they took part in, which can link out to the page that has the actual summary stuffs

  1. Swag finds youngbeansprout and takes him in.
  2. Swag, Oneler, Rockstar and the Lorax go into town.  Rocky saves Swag.  Beanpole wanders onto them and swag teaches him how to fight zombies.
  3. Swag finds Bitter and they return to camp loudly
  4. Swag and Entre have a very strained conversation
  5. Zombies find the camp due to the loud return
  6. Rocky and Swag lead the zombies away from camp by creating a loud distraction 
  7. Swag tells the story of how he and Rockstar first met
  8. Swag and Rocky return to camp and swag sings a song at Entres expense 
  9. Bitter pushes Swag onto a corpse and Swag is bitten
  10. Swag reveals that he is actually immune to the infection
  11. Prisma cleans his wound
  12. Entre and Swag fight. Entre punches Swag then confesses that he needs him and hes scared and it isnt fair. Swag comforts him and says theyll do it together. Entre promises that with Swags help he will fix everything .
  13. Swag gives ted a drink of alcohol
  14. Swag, drunk, goes out to find Entre who has becomelost wandering around outside and has become delirious. 
  15. It is revealed that Swag has been draining his own blood in hopes for a cure
  16. Swag gives Audrey blood. He says they have to do everything they can to keep it a secret
  17. Swag finds out that Bitter has become infected and is keeping it a secret
  18. Swag tells the camp that Bitter has become infected
  19. Swag and Rocky decide to go off on a secret run
  20. Swag gets angry when Entre implies that he doesnt do anything to help anyone else and only cares about having fun
  21. Swag is relieved to see that Prisma returned to camp safely from her own supply run. He tells her to stop running off and getting in trouble
  22. Rockstar and Swag set off fireworks with Beanpole and Ted 
  23. Swag tells ted to talk to Audrey while hes gone
  24. 72 praises Swag for setting off fireworks
  25. Swag thinks about Ted while getting one last blood sample to leave with Audrey
  26. Entre and Swag exchange harsh words about his choice to set off fireworks and motivesEntre finds out what lengths swag has been going to in order to try to help and find a cure and wraps his wounds .
  27. Swag calms Ted down from an infected 'episode' by reading him a story .
  28. Swag tells Entre that he needs to be brave and start making tough calls, implying about Bitter.
  29. Swag tells Audrey that its best to stop trying to cure bitter and focus on curing ted instead
  30. Swag, Oneler, Beanpole and Rockstar finally leave.
  31. Swag tells Ted over the radio that he wants him to find Prisma and read the book he gave him if Bitter starts to get 'bad'
  32. 72 tells Swag to be there for Entre because he cant
  33. Swag chooses Beanpole as his partner to raid the first store they come to
  34. Swag takes a bite for Beanpole and then Beanpole saves them both by getting them out of the store
  35. More traveling mishaps .
  36. Dave keeps Swag up to date with what has happened at camp, including Bitters death.
  37. Swag tells the others about Bitters death
  38. Swag and Rockys plan is revealed and carried out
  39. The group returns to camp
  40. Ted bites Swag when he tries to comfort him. 72 and he agree to keep it a secret
  41. Swag talks to Entre after many members of the camp ask him to. He admits to Entre that he needs him and snaps him out of his psychotic state
  42. Swag tells entre that ted bit him to show that he trusts him.
  43. Swag and Entre decide together that its time to move the camp and find a hospital to get supplies
  44. Swag has his first nightmares aboutthe Flu .
  45. The group comes across an abandoned camp.
  46. Ted Entre and Swag inspect a cabin and find a badly infected Creep inside
  47. Swag insists that Ted be the one to kill Creep
  48. Swag discusses creeps death with Oneler
  49. 72 praises Swag for having Ted kill Creep after Swag begins to doubt making the right choice.
  50. Swag and Entre share cabin 666 together and also a few drinks
  51. Swag steals a megaphone from the Lorax



Swag and 72 were previously acquainted before the epidemic but not very well. They now have a mutual respect for eachother. Together they agreed that it would be best to keep the fact that Ted bit Swag a secret and not to speak of it again and that Swag would need to talk to Entre about Bitter. 72 has spoken with Swag about many things and surprisingly agrees with him often. When Entre chastised Swag for forcing Ted to kill Creep due to his infection, 72 shared a bottle of alcohol with him and told Swag that it was a good choice and would be beneficial to Ted in the future. He also praised Swag for setting off fireworks to keep spirits up after Entre insisted it was reckless and dangerous. Swag pokes fun at 72 often and he takes it in jest usually unless it's about the mysterious Larue whom Swag refers to as 72s long distance girlfriend. 72 was noticeably upset when he discovered that Entre and Swag were working on a cure with Audrey without informing him and that they chose to include Ted. He also disliked that Swag told the secret about Teds bite to Entre but the issue was never addressed due to the severity of Swags injury directly after. Swag talked with 72 a few times during his recovery from amputation. The most notable moment was when 72 spoke up and told Swag to stop feeling sorry for himself and walk. Up to this point he had failed every attempt at walking without crutches. 72 managed to talk him through his first steps and lead him into his next level of recovery. Swag gave him a very genuine thank you for being the only one to push him. At one point 72 wanted to leave the camp and Swag promised him he would help him get to Thneedville and told him that he needed him to stay a part of the group. When he called for leadership change he insisted the entire camp vote and put a reluctant 72 on the ballet. He has since mentioned that he thinks 72 is doing a good job and takes orders from him almost without question. He goes to him before making any major decisions and tells others to do the same.


Swag brought Audrey into the camp early on, seeing that she was a skilled medic. Together they worked on a cure in secret and eventually with Entre as well. After his foot was amputated she was one of the only people who could reach him and has proven to be a comfort to him time and time again. He has returned the favor and offered her support and advice as well. He refused to let her give up when she said everything felt pointless, stating that he was positive that if anyone would make a would be her. When asked if he had romantic feelings for her he simply stated that she’s just a kid. His feelings for her appear to be mostly brotherly. 


Swags relationship with Beanpole is close to that of a big brother to a little brother. Beanpoles level head and eagerness to follow rules have made him almost a polar opposite to Swag, who ten years his senior, possesses neither of those qualities. Swag brought Beanpole into the camp after discovering him wandering outside and was the first to explain the rules of surviving around zombies to him and to give him a weapon. He forced him into his first fight against the infected and has chosen him twice as his partner in dangerous missions. He has taken a bite for him on one occasion. While healing from his amputation Beanpole often visited Swag to keep him in high spirits the best he could. Swag is the only person Beanpole has confessed his attraction to Audrey to.  


So far Cowboy and Swags interactions have been limited. Cowboy shared some food with him when he was bedridden and more recently taught him how to shoot a crossbow. Swag seems to be short with him, considering him still an outsider that he doesn't know. But he trusts him because both Entre and 72 allowed him to remain in the camp.


Dave is one of the first to point out Swags antics and stupidity but is also quick to ignore it afterwards. It is because of this that Swag has no idea that the other man thinks he’s basically just a big idiot. They have eachothers back when it’s necessary and have teamed up once in the past, along with Rockstar. Swag has stated before that he thinks Dave would be a good leader and acted on this feeling when he announced the camp needed a leadership change. He goes to Dave second to 72 for permission and camp related matters. He took Dave along with him to search for parts for the RV and they encountered their first of the new faster and stronger infected. The two fought side by side and defeated it.


Swag and Entre were hardly even acquaintances before the events of Truffula Flu took place. But they knew eachother well enough that Swag chose to seek him out after the downfall of his own factory under the assumption that the one who started it would know the most about how to stop it. He was deeply disappointed with what he found, having expected the younger Onceler to have more organized plans. He took out all of his frustrations about the end of the world and his own fate on Entre, picking on him, belittling him in front of other camp members, throwing things at him, yelling at him, and refusing to listen to any orders or advice whatsoever. He often went out of his way to bring up that this entire situation was Entres fault even if it wasn’t the original topic of conversation. On many occasions he called him worthless and laughed outright when the other man tried to speak to him seriously about anything. It has also been implied that Entre knew all along that Swag was immune but kept himself in denial, despite Swag flaunting it around shamelessly. Reaching his breaking point, Entre finally punched Swag during an argument. Expecting it to be a fight the two fell to the ground and Entre surprised Swag by breaking down and confessing that he hated him because everyone else loved him and he wanted to be him. He pleaded that Swag help him and to his surprise, Swag agreed. They needed to work together. The next time Entre needed him, after he wandered off in a dizzy haze outside of camp, Swag went to go rescue him despite being grossly drunk. Swags weak spot, which Entre used often, was being told that he didn’t care about anyone but himself. Eventually Entre realized what lengths Swag had been going to in order to help others, by draining his own blood for Audrey to test on. Under pressure from many other camp members, Swag reached out to Entre after he was forced to put Bitter down. Seeing that Entres mental health was deteriorating, Swag angrily beat him up and clung to him shouting that he needed him to stay sane, safe, alive, and to do this with him. The two then agreed to trust eachother from now on with any camp secrets and that they would work together on big decisions. Although a trust was established the two still clashed, especially when Swag did reckless things or made drastic decisions and much to Entres dismay, usually the reckless acts and rash choices ended up helping more than hurting, only painting him in more of a hero light and by proxy making Entre look even worse. However in private the two seem to share a much more intimate friendship albeit mostly platonic. They comforted eachother at the abandoned summer camp although they were both asleep and may not have realized it. Entre tried to express to Swag that he needed to be more humble and it fell on mostly deaf ears until Swag became trapped under debris in a hospital supply run. Swag demanded that they leave him but Entre refused and ordered that they amputate his leg. During his healing from his amputation, Swag spent most of his time with Entre who brought him food and helped him sleep. Swag admitted on multiple occasions that he slept best when Entre was there with him. He also thanked him for making the call and told the other Onceler that he no longer wanted to be involved in decision making. He insisted that back at the hospital he saw that Entre knew how to make tough calls that people needed and it was his turn to be the leader. It was during this period of time that Swag expressed the most to his friend that he needed him and refused to do any of this without him. Swag was noticeably upset when Entre returned from a solo supply run drunk and demanded that he not do something so stupid again. The two shared a very intimate conversation about fears and dreams before eventually sharing a kiss they both claimed to have really needed. Swag has let his guard down around Entre more than any other camp member and has often shown that he thinks about him more than he says, bringing him up in conversations and situations that weren’t related to him at all. Swag tends to still tease Entre and make fun of him but refuses to admit that he might have done something wrong, showing that he completely trusts the other to make decisions and to lead the camp. He wants to help Entre find a cure to save the world but also to save him. He genuinely believes that Entre wants to fix everything he ruined and out of everyone in the camp, is the one he hopes will see a cure the most. When Swag left on his trip with Rocky he talked with Entre a few times and told him that he trusted his judgement. But he was furious when he returned and heard all of the horrible things that had happened while he was gone. He pulled Entre out in the center of the camp to make him watch as one by one every member chose to follow 72 and Dave instead. Before walking over to their side himself he helped Entre up and pulled him over to the rest of the camp, stating that he wouldn't do it without him. He was the first person that Swag broke down and cried to about Prismas death and it has been implied that he took care of him during the timeskip. The two have more recently become close and intimate, sharing the bed in the RV nightly. Entre was the only one to point out to Swag that he was being horrible to Ted and that Prisma wouldn't have wanted him to act that way. He reacted angrily at first but thanked him later. Swag pushes Entre to take his medicine and stay in bed, concerned about his decreasing health. After encountering how dangerous the new faster infected were he acquired a crossbow and enlisted in Cowboys help to learn how to use it so he could teach Entre how to use a weapon that would put him at a safer range from them. He has told 72 on an occasion that if they find a safe government compound with a cure that won't let Entre in because he was the one who started the outbreak, that he would stay on the outside with him.


Oneler was Swag's best friend before the epidemic got bad. They visited eachother often and had already formed a close bond. The first thing Swag did when he left his factory was find Oneler and get him to come along with him in the search for Entre. It has been implied that some time during this the two made a promise that they would stick together and always protect eachother. He seems to have no problem with the fact that Oneler is partially infected and has made it a point to make sure that he stays well fed and taken care of. There is an ongoing joke that Oneler is his pet and Swag has even attempted to put him on a leash at times, but he reacts very negatively if someone actually compares Oneler to an animal for any reason. The flu epidemic has softened Onelers attitude towards Swag compared to how it was before, causing Swag to become very defensive and protective of the cannibal. He trusted Oneler enough to take a superficial bite out of him during a scam and is quick to choose him as a partner for anything. It has been implied that while Swag was keeping his blood letting a secret, he not only told Oneler but asked for his assistance. They also ran their own failed tests before meeting Audrey, including letting Oneler drink his blood in hopes of a cure. When Swags foot was trapped under rubble, Oneler stepped in and did the actual amputation instead of Entre. Something that Swag has thanked him for after the fact. Most recently Oneler attempted to bite Swag during a visit to his room. Entre quickly locked him in his closet. Eventually Oneler snapped out of it and Swag sat outside the closet door and the two shared their fears. Swag promised Oneler he'd never let something happen to him. During the time Oneler spent in his closet, Swag tried to brighten his spirits by talking to him and playing MadLibs. After Entre and Rocky removed Oneler from his closet, it didn't take long for Swag to already openly admit that he missed him. He gave Entre specific instructions on how to feed Oneler and made him promise he would do it right away. He also had Rocky deliver a scribbled note to his friend that simply stated, "I still fucking believe in you." To this day he is firm in his belief that Oneler will be alright and refuses to consider any possible scenario where he might have to lose him. After returning from his trip with Rocky, Swag was horrified to find that Oneler had been locked up. He slept in the shed with him one night after they again promised they would look out for one another. In addition to the promise they hugged and said they loved eachother. When Swag noticed that Oneler was walking around in his normal clothes after everyone else had moved on to warmer clothing to shield from the cold he became angry and made him put on a thicker jacket and a scarf. In a recent conversation Swag began to reminisce about a fond memory the two shared together but Oneler seemed to have forgotten the story entirely. Swag now has begun to prepare himself for the fact that he will likely have to sit back, powerless to make a difference... and gradually lose his friend.


Prisma was one of Swags best friends from before the days of the Flu. He praises her for being pretty and sweet and is quick to defend her in every single way. In the past he has showered her with expensive presents and affection but has shyed away whenever romantic feelings came up. He has shown on multiple occasions that he dislikes when she is in danger; often telling her not to leave camp and getting angry when people he doesn’t trust talk to her. She is the one person he refuses to see during his recovery from amputation, stating that he can’t stand to let her see him in such a condition. In an only implied and still undisclosed event she lost her life. This took a heavy toll on Swag, changing his entire perspective almost instantly. He became defensive when anyone mentioned her or her death and quickly began to focus on new goals such as keeping people safer and finding a place where they can live their lives without running. He shut himself off from the others, becoming mostly monosyllabic unless he was asking for orders or breaking down and swearing at people. He lost control when he accidentally broke a prism ornament in the RV and it reminded him of her. Many nights he heard her sing and she spoke to him, urging him to move on and to stop blaming Ted. After some time he finally told her he was ready to let her go and promised that he would keep living to be happy. For her, and for him.


Swag and Rockstar met when Swag was on a supply run and stumbled across Rockys abandoned jeep. He stole it, crashed it, lit it on fire, and Rocky thought it was awesome. It has been implied that prior to the Truffula Flu blogs being opened, the two were inseparable and ran the majority of supply runs on their own, except when more manpower was needed. On one occasion they took Beanpole and Oneler in order to make their scam work. Rocky is the first person that Swag picks for any type of mission, whether it be a supply run, leading zombies away from camp, or searching for particular items. He is also usually the only one to laugh at Swags jokes and antics when in a dire situation. They have a similar sense of humor and reckless style and both enjoy loud music, wrecking things, and rocking out. They also both enjoy bringing fun to the camp, as shown when they lit fireworks to brighten everyones spirits. Swag has stated that the camp was a boring place before Rocky joined. He is quick to assume that Rocky will agree with his choices and actions before actually asking him. This created a problem in the hospital when Swag knowingly put Rocky in danger by forcing them to run into a small horde of infected. Rocky wasn't bitten but was extremely angry with Swag and confessed to him that this kind of thing wasn't fun anymore. Swag apologized for forgetting that Rocky wasn't as bulletproof as he was but things continued to be strained. More recently the two have made up and Swag noticed a more lighthearted attitude to his friend. He has stated multiple times that Rocky is one of his best friends and gets incredibly angry when asked what he would do if he somehow died. When Swag needed to work on walking on his new prosthetic, him and Rocky went out on a trip to kill zombies and have fun. Rocky made sure that Swag didn't fall on his foot and helped him get better at running and maneuvering with it. Swags only complaint was that Rocky slept too much on the trip. Rocky tried to comfort Swag after Prismas death but he shrugged him off to the point where Rocky stated he coudn't believe he had to beg him to have fun. Swag has been too busy with the RV to join him on any adventures, simply saying they'd have time later.


At first Swag saw Ted as just an annoying child, although he did suggest he join their camp after finding out he had a pack of cigars to share. He wasn't very gentle with his insults just because Ted was a kid and often told him that he needed to lighten up. Swag helped calm Ted down by reading him a story after he had one of his first episodes. After that he kept a closer eye on him and made fun of him less. Swag is very determined to make it easier for the boy to accept the world they live in and not to coddle him because he's a child. He forced him to kill Creep when he was too infected to keep around, despite Entres disapproval. He also urged Ted to bravely scout ahead and get a zombie count for their group, since the infected smell him as one of their own. When it came time to consider doing tests on Teds blood, Swag asked him if he would help and didn't lie when Ted asked if it would hurt. He stressed that it was his choice alone and promised he wouldn't force him to do anything he didn't want to. In another one of his episodes, Ted bit Swags shoulder and he and 72 agreed to keep it a secret. More recently Ted has become aware of what he did and Swag gave him a very special family heirloom to help him remember that he was Ted and not just some infected creature. Ted comforted him and given him hope when he was healing from his amputation. He has stated multiple times since Ted first proclaimed the camp to be a family that he too feels they are a family. When Swag returned from his trip Ted was the first one that told Swag of the events that took place at the camp without him. Swag promised that he'd never let him have to be scared of someone he cared about again. It has been implied that Ted was somehow responsible for Prismas death. Swag was cold and harsh to Ted, cursing and yelling at him often and cutting him short. Almost everybody in the camp had told Swag to lighten up on Ted. Eventually he caved and apologized and said they needed to be a family and promised he'd help find them a safe place. He has admitted that he still blames Ted and hasn't yet forgiven him but also that he knows he can't take that out on a kid. It wasn't his fault.