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Bio EditEdit

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Status: Alive (immune)

Parker is another survivor in the apocalypse. He has been surviving on his own for a while, since the rest of his group had died in a zombie attack. On the night of his 21st birthday he, and his group went out to celebrate. But then zombies came out of nowhere, and attacked and killed everyone in his group, except him. Shocked, seeing all of his friends die right in front of his eyes, he runs to find shelter, he then finds a building, hides in it, the cries for hours. 3 years later, he had supplies to help him survive, but he was running out of supplies, so he went to a near by abandoned Walmart. So after gathering the stuff he needed, he put them in his backpack, then he began to walk towards the front doors. Then he hears a bunch of people talking, & laughing behind him, he turns around, and sees a camp staring back at him. Entre, the leader of the camp, went up to him, and asked him if he was in a group. He said no, then told him the story of his past. Then, he later joined Camp Entre, seeing that he couldn't fend for himself for a lot longer. (He is also immune, exactly like Swag).

Backstory EditEdit

He loves basketball since as long as he can remember. He never knew his dad, since his mom had told him, he had left before he, and his brother were even born. He was shy, and was also homeschooled, cause at his previous schools, he had been bullied a lot. Then, his mom had died in a car accident, when he, and his younger brother were only 5 years old.

Personality EditEdit

- He's shy, but really lovable, and open, once you gain his trust, he just wants more friends, since his had all died.


Entre: Entre had only just met him, but he feels like he had known him for a while, & he reminds Entre of Bitter, in a lot of different ways.

Swag: He starts to pick on him, but then loosens up, as he starts to like him more.

Audrey: She has known him since kindergarten.

Rocky: He really wants to be his friend, since he is really shy.

Bitter: Although he is dead, they were fraternal twins. -