"Just tell yourself, your no different from the trees."


Age: 27

Gender: Male 

Status: Infected

His birthday on March 25th.

His main blog is Class-Cannibal, his reblogging blog is Cannibalizerand his private journal is Onethoughts.

Likes being called "One", and not by his original name.

Childhood & Teen years: ( )

He was born to his mother, Ivy, and father, Daniel. He has two brothers, an older half-brother, Jack, and a younger brother, Matthew or Matt. Hallucinations and delusional tenancies started early, at a young age he fell out of his bed and cut his forehead open, which has become a point of fixation for him and which he subconsciously believes "caused" his mental illness. When he was 8 years old, his father committed suicide by hanging himself in the woods, due to the stress of work and underlying mental instability. After the event, One began to display psychotic symtoms such as hearing voices, visual hallucinations, and hurting himself. He talked very little. Later that year he carved eye shapes into his palms with a razor and was institutionalized. Zero gave him the nickname "One", which he used ever since and prefers to his given name. His mother blamed him for ruining their family and because verbal and physical abuse. As a result of his hospitalization he had to retake 5th grade. At 14, he struck his mother back as she attempted to hit him one night, after which she didn't attempt to do so again until he was 18. When he was 16 years old, One lost his virginity to a girl named Vanessa. How they met is unknown

Personality & Backstory: 

He is a cannibal, and could often, if angered, go into physcotic attacks, and attempt to attack other camp members. He can be friendly, and is usually a fun guy to hang out with most of the time. One went on a physcotic attack once, and he tried to attack Entre, but then as he almost bit Entre, Rocky stepped in, pushed Entre aside, and took the bite, instead of Entre getting bit. Then after that incident, One feels regret, and hides himself from the rets of the camp for a few days. As Rocky is now infected, and his accepting his fate, One feels like everything is his fault, and is not meant to be alive anymore. And when rubble fell ontop of Swag, he told everybody to leave him, and go on, but the rest of the camp refused to leave him behind. So, Entre decided with One, to save Swag's life, would be to amuptate Swag's foot that was keeping him trapped. As Entre held him back with a Thneed, so Swag could bite down onto something, and Entre tried his best to calm Swag down, as One, grabbed his axe, and chopped Swag's foot off. Rocky was there, and he was mortified.