I will chop off your other foot and beat you with it.

Blog: one-dark-passenger


Age: 36

Gender: Male

Status: Infected (Carrier)

One-ler is a 36  year old post-business Once-ler, who becomes part of Camp Entre. One is largely unaffected by the flu at first; it seems to affect him at a much slower rate than infected people who had been bitten. The only symptoms he initially shows are glowing yellow eyes and the occasional regression into an undead-like state. He worsens with time, eventually violently and mindlessly attacking humans.


One-ler lived as a cannibalistic hermit before the events that led to the flu outbreak. He was unaware of the situation, and he became infected by killing and eating an infected woman he came across. He continued living in his lerkim until Swag retreived him, after which they found Entre, who they set up camp with.


One-ler is a pretty laid-back and passive Once-ler, despite his frightening appearance. He is usually content to sit back and let everyone else make decisions, just going along with whatever is planned. In fact, he rarely ever even pays attention to what other people are doing, often occupied in his own mind and generally confused with how other people think. He is not the best at being encouraging or even social after living in isolation for so long, much less working in a team. Regardless, he will almost always help someone if he's asked, and he does care about the group in his own disengaged way. 




After living so long without regular contact with people (who weren't meals), One does find himself lacking a bit in social abilities. His opinion on people are mostly neutral, if they don't talk to him or their actions don't affect him he doesn't really care about them.


72 is probably the only person in the camp that One-ler actually respects. They've spoken a few times and have a mutual appreciation for horror stories and scary things. 72 spoke to One and attempted to cheer him up while he was locked in a closet and One appreciates that.


One's first and only interaction with Cowboy has been Cowboy pointing a gun at him after he thought One was an infected. One is not very quick to forgive or forget that.


Entre approached him about hearing voices at one point, in which One happily supplied advice, but Swag and Rocky's disregard for Entre's instructions made him seem like a weak leader to One. His feelings towards Entre were mostly neutral and disinterested, but after the events that have lead to him being locked in a room, One is starting to see him much more as a threat. With Entre bringing him food and not actually killing him after he attacked Swag and Rocky, One's opinion on him is conflicted.


Rocky gave One food once and was also close to Swag at the time, so One likes him. Much later, One bites Rocky while driven mad by the flu, which infects Rocky. One feels bad for harming him, even though he was truly unable to control his actions.


Swag and One were friends before the infection began, and Swag is definitely the Once-ler that One is closest to.


Ted had visited One-ler and had become friends with him before the infection, but One only vaguely remembered Ted when he showed up at the camp. Ted was extremely emotionally distraught about the disease that he was infected with, and One would insist that he should make the best out of the situation. Ted initially refused, asking One-ler to kill him if he was taken over by the infection. Over time Ted began to calm down as he came to see the group as his family, after which he always treated One with respect and did things for him, like helping him clean and drawing him pictures. One grew a soft spot for Ted because of how genuinely nice he was, even after the hardships they all faced, and did his best to encourage him. After Ted got shut in a closet thing with One, he felt an overwhelming urge to protect the boy. After Ted woke up and bit him, as he was having one of his episodes, One managed to calm him down and comfort him.


  • One loves space jam and its theme song.
  • He is the oldest Once-ler in Camp Entre.

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