A camp of a few Once-lers and other characters trying to survive.


  • Recruit-ler
  • Walker (deceased)
  • Kate Pansey (whereabouts unknown)
  • Meghan Whitman
  • Hunter Anson (separated from group)

Story SummaryEdit

It all starts when Rec, trying to escape from a horde of undead in the road, gets lost in the Truffula Valley. There, he found a Once-ler he nicknamed Walker. The two decide to work together to survive. They get to Thneedvile and use and abandoned house close to the entrance of the city as a shelter.

Rec would later found Raccoonville, a camp a few kilometers outside the city. He meets Kate and 13-ler, agreeing that both teams would help each other when necessary.

As the time passed, the hordes in the downtown started to increase. Knowing that they would have to leave the city soon, Camp Recruit and Raccoonville decided to go on a big supply run. Walker stayed in the shelter and Kate's teammates never arrived.

Forced to spend the night in a shopping mall, Kate and Rec hoped their peers were safe. When they got back the next day, they found that Kate's teammates had abandoned their camp, probably running away for good. She decided to join Rec and Walker. When they were finally ready to leave Thneedville, Rec went for Walker to find out he had been attacked by an horde of undead that were leaving the city. Walker, infected, tried to bite Rec, who shot him in the head. 

Kate and Rec were then on their own.

A month later Rec appears, alone. He did not reveal what happened with Kate. 

External LinksEdit

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