Camp Once is a brand new camp that although naive, is just as powerful as even Camp Entre. It started at the Thneed factory with Vamp Once-ler, The Lorax, and Greed-ler. They had been planning to leave for a week and had been choosing weapons when the zombies made an assault upon the factory. They were forced to leave in Greed-ler's jeep. Vamp Once-ler convinced them to take a detour at Thneedville and pick up Norma, Ted and Audrey. They are currently on the run, stopping for the night now and again.

The Vamp Once-ler is the leader of the camp. He feels very guilty about the infected trees and the zombies, but he has been cheering up about that and is ready to move on and find a cure. He is a vampire which means he's immune to the bites and the pollen. He wears a black coat with a hood over a blue shirt and fingerless gloves to match, as well as dark blue jeans with a silver chain and the gray fedora. He also has a green kerchief around his neck to take care of the pollen just in case. He is the most heavily armed member of Camp Once. He has a shotgun strapped to his back, a pistol tucked in his belt, and an ax that he wears on his side.

Norma is the second in command. This version of her looks young. (The Lorax had put a spell on her when she first left the Factory, just like the Once-ler, that made her look like an old woman. When Ted planted the seed, the Lorax took off both spells, leaving the Once-ler and Norma just like they were before. This version of her is actually Ted's aunt.) Her Weapons are a small dagger and a flamethrower. She also has a backpack.

Greed-ler is another member. He also has a backpack, and carries most of the supplies in the camp, like ammo and food. His outfit hasn't changed much, except for a Thneed that he wears around his neck as protection from the pollen, and two white biohazard signs that he has drawn on the backs of his gloves. He also has a pair of binoculars under the Thneed. His weapons of choice are an ax, like the Once-ler's and a crossbow. He has a jeep that the whole camp uses for transportation. Most of the group's things are in it's trunk, including tents for the members.

Audrey, another member, has taken up science in hopes of finding a cure for the flu. She wears a white jacket over a short black dress with shoulder straps, light blue tights, and short black fingerless gloves, as well as goggles. She also has a pink fluffy bracelet on her left hand that Ted gave her as a present. She has a machete as her weapon.

Ted doesn't need much introduction but we'll do it anyway. This version is not infected with the flu, unlike his more common counterpart from camp entre. He wears a pair of goggles (probably because Audrey does) and a white scarf over his usual shirt and jeans. He has a pair of twin pistols.

Finally, the Lorax. He wears a black headband with a leaf on it, and two red belt-like straps that reach to his back, partly to look cool, but mostly to hold his revolver in place.

There is no oncest in this team, and Greed-ler is known to have reacted violently to demanding shippers.

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