The Beginning Edit

The apocalypse begins when Entre attempted to genetically modify Truffula trees in order to make differently colored Thneeds. Unfortunately these genetic modifications to the trees caused them to produce infected fruit, resulting in the animals of the valley becoming infected and abnormally violent, attacking humans and infecting them. Glowing mold started to grow on the trees as well, releasing spore which made the bacteria airborne as well.

The disease overtook the nearby towns, and it is unknown how far it has spread. Entre was forced to shut down his factory and send his workers and family away, while he stayed behind trying to find a way to reverse the disease. When his supplies ran out, he then decided to leave his factory for good.


The story starts out with several people already part of the camp, Swag , Entre, One-ler, the Lorax, and Rocky. Creep, who was already infected was lurking around the area, and Ted found the group and traded some items with them. Interactions mainly consisted of Swag insulting Entre for causing the Flu, and Swag throwing zombie body parts at One. No one really got along besides like Swag and Rocky who enjoyed blowing things up together.

Swag convinces Ted to join the group. Swag finds Beanpole out wandering in the valley and invites him into the group.

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Swag makes a supply run list. Prisma shows up at camp. Swag, Rocky, One and the Lorax go off to town to get supplies.

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