All around the world pretty girls!

"Fancy" was a big massive hit This is a rip-off of it 'Cause I'm so desperate To have a hit But this song's shitty It send the message to young girls Pretty equals happiness If you're ugly Then you're worthless And your life will Be bland and shitty

Hey I've been around so long that these days The kids do not even know my name I was big back when their parents were in high school Years Have gone by and I'm out of ideas Nobody cares about Britney Spears So I hired Iggy to make me More relevant

In this dumb vid I'm s'posed to be An alien Friend of Britney My career Needs reviving Hey why aren't you driving?

This song will never Top the charts We look like Glam metal hoes I had work On my nose You're still not pretty My waist used to be twenty-eight I can't fit In these pants It's almost time for me to dance Just suck in Britney!

Why does This car wash only employ gay guys In short shorts that show off their nice thighs? And why is this rich preppie douchebag Making eyes at me? Because I just cannot believe You tried to recreate "Fancy" But instead you made something That's utter crap!

If you think this song's Message can't Get worse well Now we're showun' In order to have fun You must have money But the saddest part is this track Had nine writers on it Don't believe me just wiki it It's true what dummies!

Why the hell did you guys just get into our car? Get out, we're trying to leave for a party! Uhm, excuse me, I'm Britney Spears! And I'm Iggy Azalea, I mean an alien. And we're pretty girls. More like stuck-up shallow girls! Iggy, do something! Oh my god! You like so totally turned them into cell-phones for product placement! Uhm totally! It's like my only super-power in this video for some stupid reason. (Laughing)

Iggs teaming up with Brit to tell the world All that matters is to be a pretty girl Whitch is ironic because the whole world agrees I look like clam chowder and Britt looks like beef jerky See there's a Slim line between a beauty and a beast That's the real line in this horrid masterpiece Basically we're sayin' if you ain't perfect Then you're life is gonna suck 'cause you'll be a reject Iggs

Who here made the song "Pretty Girls"? I have been sent back in time To kill you for that crime And destroy that song! What's wrong with our song? "Pretty Girls" Destroy society It makes girls think being pretty Is all that matters!

Ehm, Duh, Yeah because being pretty is totally all that matters! Uhm, Duh, Yeah, Totally, like everybody obviously like totally knows that, Duh! Time to die girls. Iggy! Do something! We like totally killed the terminator! Totally!

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