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I have to find a cure

Blog: survivalaudrey


Age: approx. 15-17

Gender: Female

Status: Alive


She is a skilled medic. Before the Flu had happened, she took medical classes in high school, and then went to a doctor's school in California, then she got a doctor's degree. When she arrived back in Thneedville, she saw that the Truffula flu had taken place.



Beanpole has a crush on Audrey.

Dave Strider Edit

Dave taught her how to crossbow. They have been friends since.

Prisma Edit

Prisma is Audrey's 2nd cousin. Then once she found out after she had tragically died because of a zombie attack, Swag had told her he had feelings for Prisma, but was shy and didn't tell anyone; but Audrey. And Audrey had also found out that, Swag refused to let Prisma see him after the loss of his foot, because he didn't want her to see him in his condition.

Swag Edit

She thought he was loud at first, but then they slowly became friends. They are secretly looking for a cure to the Flu; Swag is giving blood to Audrey regularly for her to experiment with and test to try to create a cure for Truffula Flu.


She first saw Ted when Rockstar (Rocky) brought him back to camp; when Rocky found him in the middle of nothing.