[Miley Cyrus] Remember when I was a ten and did not look like a guy My hair was long, I had clothes on But now I get nude and cry

Since the VMA's all the people say I am a total skank

Grinded Robin Thicke made the whole crowd sick Espeacially the Smith's

I'm basically a wrecking ball for the youth of America All I want is to brainwash them all with my massive nipples under my tee

[Cray Cray Fans] We must be like Miley

[Miley Cyrus] Now watch me ride a ball and try to make a seductive face But creepily I totally look just like Nicholas Cage

Time for me to lick this hammer like it's a big metal penis I'll lick anything for more attention this condom looks delish

I'm naked on a wrecking ball showing off my pale boobs and butt Now I'm dry humping a broken wall I went from Disney to twerk crazed and skanky I need to get therapy

[Ron Jeremy] Excuse me I'm here for the porn Bend over girl let's make this quick

[Miley Cyrus] What do you mean? This is not porn

[Ron Jeremy] Then why the hell are you naked?

[Miley Cyrus] Because I'm a wannabe whore who sluts it up to get more views.

[Ron Jeremy] So that means we don't have to screw?

"Thank god!"

[Miley Cyrus] Excuse me!

[Ron Jeremy] You are too dirty for Ron Jeremy. Sorry sweetie it's true.

[Miley Cyrus] I ruined a beautiful song with a disgusting video.

[Worker 1] OK, this has gone on way too long. You, need to get off of - our construction site.

[Worker 2] How do you expect us to work with a crazy anorexic chick swinging naked from our equipment.

[Worker 1] And licking and humping everything she sees.

[Miley Cyrus] Sorry, but I'm not leaving.

[Worker 2] Oh, no, now she's twerking.

[Workers] Dear, god, just kill us now please!

[Worker 2] Thank's Liam.

[Liam Hemsworth] Believe me, it was my pleasure.

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